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Cannabis Hospitality Services Los Angeles
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Cannabis Hospitality Services

Welcome to Grassfed, where the world of cannabis meets unparalleled hospitality. As pioneers in the industry, we specialize in offering bespoke Cannabis Bar or Weed Bar experiences tailored to elevate any event.


Whether you're seeking a sophisticated smoke-free option or the traditional essence of cannabis, our services are designed to cater to every preference. Enter a realm where cannabis consumption is not just an activity, but an art, and let us redefine your perception of cannabis hospitality.



Our Next Event

May 7th 8-10pm Sunset House LA

Imagine yourself in a pristine, smoke-free ambiance illuminated by the glow of Puffco e-rigs and the charm of traditional analog rigs. Buckle up for an adventure with Hash Flight, where the worlds of gourmet tastes and premium cannabis concentrates converge.


We invite you to our hash flight, featuring a quintet of low-temp dabs aimed at tickling your taste buds, not just elevating your altitude. Each distinct hash/rosin cultivar, crafted by 710 Labs is accompanied by the sage insights of our connoisseurs, guiding you through the labyrinth of aromas and flavors unique to each genetics.

Weed Wedding with Puffco Proxy Hash Vaping

Elevated Experiences & Crafted Creations

Dive into the world of Grassfed, where we meticulously curate premium cannabis experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our passion lies in crafting moments that bring friends and loved ones together in high spirits, be it for a joyous birthday bash, a gourmet infused dinner, or the unforgettable celebration of a weed wedding.

Our expertise doesn't stop at our renowned Cannabis Bars. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive cannabis event production services, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. For professional planners seeking to infuse their events with the finest cannabis offerings, our consultations are tailored to guide you to the perfect selection.


Moreover, our specialized cannabis general liability insurance, a requirement by many high-profile venues, stands as a testament to our commitment to safety, quality, and excellence.

Grassfed Cannabis Vape Bar



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