Our Vision

As the premier cannabis concierge in California, our mission is to help de-stigmatize cannabis

through education on responsible and sophisticated ways to enjoy its medical and recreational properties.

We believe that it is first and foremost a healing plant, and an antioxidant.

We chose to exclusively work with the top accessories on the market, and provide

information on how to maximize the flavor, and create a friendly smoke-free environment.

We invite people to treat it similarly to wine and food due to its many distinct aromas and flavors.

We're getting some press love.


Creation & Elevation

Our experience shows that mindful consumption of cannabis can elevate a variety of environments and entertainment experiences; it can also foster a sense of community and connection, even among those participating without consuming.

We offer consultation, education, and event production services to help event planners choose the best offerings for private events, weddings, and corporate parties.

We are currently operating in California but plan to expand to additional states in the future.

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