The Grassfed Experience

Our aim is to elevate cannabis culture by curating innovative and sophisticated ways to responsibly enjoy our favorite plant. We take a smoke-free approach, using our signature vape bars, cannabis mixology, luxury edibles, infused dining, and interactive services.


We believe cannabis consumption is akin to wine tasting. By creating a safe and inviting environment with a professional budtender and mindful dosing, we’re able to enhance the social atmosphere for all guests, while keeping everyone active and engaged.

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Creation & Elevation

As a curator of premium cannabis experiences,, we have been able to manifest our vision of bringing friends together in good spirits- whether it’s for a birthday party, infused dinner or to celebrate a wedding. 


In light of the current COVID climate, we are offering our services exclusively to small and private gatherings. We also offer consultation, and event production services to help professional planners choose the best cannabis offerings any type of event

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