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Elevate Your Cannabis Wedding & Events

Experience the pinnacle of cannabis hospitality with Grassfed's signature services. Whether you're dreaming of a sophisticated weed wedding or an office party, we've got you covered.

Our smoke-free approach ensures a clean-air atmosphere, perfect for all guests, including children, pets, and those with sensitive noses. It's all about creating a memorable experience without the traditional "hot box" environment. But for those who cherish the classic puff, we're more than happy to accommodate.

Every Grassfed cannabis bar or weed bar is graced by our professional budtenders. They're not just experts; they're your cannabis concierges, guiding guests on dosage, strains, and promoting responsible consumption. And for that added peace of mind, we proudly carry a comprehensive general liability insurance policy, inclusive of cannabis, ensuring your venue is always protected.

Elevate your event with Grassfed and let us craft a cannabis experience that's as unique as your celebration.



Featuring top of the line desktop and portable vaporizers to maximize the flavor and aroma of cannabis flower and extract (Oil). Our signature weed bars include a knowledgeable budtender who will present all the cannabis options, recommend appropriate THC / CBD levels, and sanitize the equipment.

Craft mocktail bar


Fusing cannabis, fresh ingredients, and flavorful terpenes, our signature mocktail bars offer guests a way to comfortably socialize, drink in hand, without the need to imbibe alcohol. Mixed right by our professional budtenders, you can enjoy refreshing and enhancing THC/CBD-based drinks.

Edibles & drinkables


A fun and chic addition for your event, infused chocolates, gummies, or soft-drinks offer guests a discrete but refined way to enjoy cannabis. With various doses, and fast acting technology, you can be sure the weed bar will have options suitable for every guest.


Perfect for any event, this cannabis infused chocolate fountain offers a unique blend of gourmet chocolate and cannabis infusion with your choice of THC/CBD dosing (we recommend maximum of 3mg THC per dip for a delightful experience.) Accompanying the fountain are a variety of dippers, from savory pretzels and Grissini to sweet marshmallows or dried fruits, each enhancing the rich flavors. 

Cannabis infused chocolate fountain
El Blunto infused cannagar


For those who want to honor the hundreds-of-years tradition of smoking joints, we offer products of the highest caliber with a superior level of finishing.

From El Blunto, a master-crafted cannabis cigar, to pre-rolled joints in various sizes, our cannabis bars can cover all your combustible smoking needs.

Grassfed Event Production Services


With 7+ years of experience and dozens of cannabis events across CA under our belt, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality results and creating innovative and memorable experiences. Our services can be tailored to your needs. from an A to Z event production, to consulting, and day-of cannabis event management.

Infused Dining


Enjoy an elevated dinner with our infused custom dining menu curated by professional cannabis chefs. Trained in creating healthy microdosed dishes, our chefs can curate anything from light scrumptious appetizers to a full five course menu. Menu options include both cannabis-free and CBD or THC options.

Virtual Reality


An inviting experience for everyone in your party, our virtual reality stations heighten the elevated cannabis experience through immersive and interactive activities like 3D painting, space arcades, first person shooter games and other unique experiences that blend music and movement

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