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Music is a part of Grassfed's DNA, we believe the combination of music & cannabis has medicinal and spiritual effects.

These playlists represent various eras, cultures, and multiple genres. Most are uplifting, some are deep and emotional, and others are groovier and easy to digest.

Bunch & Munch


Brunch and munch is an eclectic playlist combining oldies, hip-hop, soul, R&B, indie, Brit-pop and many more. 

The event was hosted last year by Abdullah Saeed and included a cannabis trivia, in addition to several brunch dishes from our favorite chefs.
Whether you’ll have brunch at home, or social distance in a restaurant, we hope you enjoy these tunes.

Length: 3 hours
Cannabis potency rate - 8/10 

Vibe/feel: Morning becomes eclectic, wake & bake, haze

HipHip 2022

Hip Hop of 2020

We created a special treat for your lockdown NYE party, our favorite hip hop tunes from 2020, with a focus on jazzy, funky and indie hip hop.

As much as this year sucked, on many levels, a lot of musicians brought their art to a peak, and what else can we ask to comfort our souls other than great music and fine weed?

Length: 2+ hours
Cannabis potency rate - 8/10 

Vibe/feel:  Groovy and funky.

What's going on


Anger, sadness, disappointment,  fear, hope, love… These are all emotions that we are feeling in the complex and impossible situation we’re in right now. While we all process feelings and emotions differently, music has always been a tool to bring people together, express ideas, and inspire change.

We gathered a few songs that can help reflect and process all of these emotions.

Length: 3 hours
Cannabis potency rate - 9/10 

Vibe/feel: BLM, Revolution, Soul & Hope

The Beatles


As music lovers, we always admired the Beatles and considered them the best pop band in the world, not to mention their influence on so many artists. Their musical journey is quite interesting, and was heavily influenced by psychedelics.Once cannabis entered their bloodstream (Thanks to Bob Dylan), their music changed dramatically and became deeper, more robust and complex.  

Length: 2 hours
Cannabis potency rate - 8.5/10 (Inhale after 20-25 min, or start with an edible pre-listening and wait for the magic)

Vibe/feel: John, Paul, George & Ringo

Marijuana Madness Evolution


The first part of Marijuana Madness series told the true story of Marijuana prohibition during the jazz era, and the musicians who were affected by it. It includes tunes from the 30’s and 40’s with old reefer jazz and smokey blues.

Dim the lights, put on your fancy dress/tux, roll  a blunt, mix yourself an old fashioned cocktail, and immerse yourself in the reefer daze.

Length: 1.5 hours
Cannabis potency rate - 10/10 (Jump back in time to the 30’s, and then back again, don’t forget your rolling papers)

Vibe/feel: Jazz club, smoke, mono recordings, viper lounge

Marijuana Madness Revolution


Marijuana Madness is a 3 part series of live music and burlesque shows, telling the true story of cannabis prohibition in various eras, the 2nd part was dedicated to the 60’s and includes psychedelic tunes crossing a few genres from classic rock, folk, surf  to soul and funk.


Length: 3  hours  
Cannabis potency rate - 8/10 (Nice & steady elevation, an edible works great) 
Vibe/feel: 60’s, psychedelic, hippie, rock & roll a joint

Hummus & Hashish


Hummus & Hashish was a recurring event (part of Taste Buds series)  that was dedicated to our favorite dish -  HUMMUS, and its brother from another mother -  Hashish (aka hash).  This playlist celebrates the cultures of the Middle East and its surroundings (Balkans, Africa and more) bringing groovy, eclectic and colorful tunes of both the old and  new voices of each region.

Length: 3  hours  
Cannabis potency rate - 8.5/10 (Pairs great with modern or traditional/old fashioned hash from Papa's Select and Biscotti)
Vibe/feel: Middle Eastern, Groovy,  Summer Time, Eclectic Retro

Tapas & Tokes


Tapas & Tokes was a series of events (part of Taste Buds series) that was dedicated to another favorite culture and country  - SPAIN 
This playlist celebrates the Spanish culture and language, bringing both classic and modern voices from Spain, and others that were influenced by it.
Your next trip is to Spain, no passport required. 

Length: 2.5  hours  
Cannabis potency rate - 7/10 (Pairs with a nice sparkly cannabis drink/tea/wine )
Vibe/feel: Spain, a night at the museum, flamenco, summer jazz, Spanish guitar, past Mexico vacations...

InnerspacePart 1


This playlist is very eclectic, and includes tunes from the 60s to the 2000s; some are slow and spacey and others are more groovy and playful. All tracks represent the event concept of combining analog with digital art, and showcase the path that connects these two worlds. The event was held at Wisdome LA, and this specific event’s theme was travel in space.

Length: 4+ hours / 2 chapters
Cannabis potency rate - 9/10 (Just before it’s too much!)
Vibe/feel: space travel, psychedelic, analog vs. digital, electronic

Innerspace Part 2


This is the 2nd chapter of Innerspace, still very eclectic, and includes more slow/down temp tunes; All tracks represent the event concept of combining analog with digital art, and showcase the path that connects these two worlds. The event was held at Wisdome LA, and this specific event’s theme was travel in space.

Length: 3 hours
Cannabis potency rate - 9.5/10 (High as a kite, make sure you have enough supply for this trip:))

Vibe/feel: Self reflection, analog vs. digital, mind traveling

Grass & Groove


A compilation of groovy tunes from various eras to shake your booties and warm your souls. Mixing funk & soul with old school & modern hip hop, topped with a psychedelic touch. From our “Funk & Soul Food” dinner, and “Stand Up & Take Your Clothes Off!” -  a  comedy and burlesque show.  Get elevated, put on your dancing shoes , volume up and let the groove begin!

Length: 3 + hours
Cannabis potency rate - 8/10 (A strain that will make you feel funky and awake, such as Jack Herer, Orange Kush, Super Haze)

Vibe/feel: Funkalicious, Booty movin’ , 70’s movies, Groooovy

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